The power of a business trip

and I am talking about those team business trip. When you leave in pair: with your boss, your colleague, people chosen randomly from other departments… You are asked to stay with someone for an entire week, two weeks sometimes, with people that apparently have nothing in common with you, more than the name of the company you work for. Honestly.. that’s scary! I have a … Continue reading The power of a business trip

The excitement of a new journey 

Nothing else gives me the feeling travelling does. Packing my backpack. What do I really need? I realise every time I pack less stuff in it. Essentials: sweaters, tank tops hiking shoes, headphones a book. Oh yeah, perhaps a nice t-shirt just in case. Logistics. I have booked the hostel but how do I get there? Google maps. Ok, doesn’t take long 🙂 I should … Continue reading The excitement of a new journey