University Attraction

Every time I see a University campus my heart rate immediately increases.

I went to University till MSc, made thousands of friends, partied like crazy and… studied of course! However, even today, when I cross a campus or sometimes even when i just move to another city, again all I can think of is..I want to be a student again.

I want to have more of all of it.

The feeling of the First day of school. You wake up early – and already know that it will rarely happen again – get ready wearing the outfit you chose in your mind, while you were already awake waiting for the alarm to ring.

The feeling of the Last day of school. You can’t believe one year is gone already, and don’t want it to be the end. So to kill time till your late class, nothing is better than to play THE music playlist that you meticulously created during the entire year, song by song. And, all in once the best memories are recalled:

  • all people you have met, the group of friends you have shared everything with, your crazy neighbours and the one person that just means so much to you.
  • the nights of no sleep, where the time was much better spent: with someone drinking an uncountable number of beers, talking about such profound matters (and laughing about it right after) or partying on the songs you are just listening to; or spent on assignments, waiting for the inspiration,  on group works when from 6 members you were narrowed down to 2 because “outside is too cold to come and work on it”, or those precious nights spent to figure out the thesis you are now pretty proud of.

But most importantly, I want live all the time between the First and the Last day of school, over and over again



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