Thankful in DC

I am in DC.

It feels like summer despite being only late February. The first warm sun is out and the National Mall is crowded with tourists and people jogging.

I went to see the sunset in front of the Capitol, and before going home I decided to take a walk on the streets of a quiet Sunday night.

The night breeze is cooling down the warm day, and people are going home to get ready to start another week at work. I can read that in on their faces and I feel their pain. I don’t want Monday to come yet. I would like one more day to enjoy this first glance of summer.

I reach the Georgetown University streets where the campus, compared with the rest of the city is still very much alive.

There is a line-up at the supermarket that would discourage everyone from going in; people are walking hugging their laptops toward the library, more to hang out other than study; others are sit on the patio of a closed vegetarian bistro enjoying ice-cream and beers.

That opened my heart and threw back a lot of memories. It made me think about my time spent at university, people I met, my graduations…and there is one think i really needed to write. Something I do not say enough. Or better, something i should say everyday when i wake up: Thank you! Thank you mom and dad!

Thank you for the sacrifice you made to make me study, thank you for motivating me and be always by my side.

Thank you for trusting me, even when it wasn’t easy and thank you for pushing me when i needed it.

Thank you for giving me everything i could have possibly want and again, thank you for giving me the biggest opportunities of my life: opportunities that built up the person i am now.

Love you,



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