Boarding Again

I don’t know how all of this started.

I don’t know when it clicked.

All I know is that once I started this like I could quit. I couldn’t stay only in one place anymore. I would lose my motivation,  my spark.

But what does it really mean to be a traveler?

Having a lot of friends and people you know all over the globe. you won’t be there for them all the time or them for you but.. when you meet up again… it feels like the time spent apart froze. Your friendship has not all!

Being able to open a conversation with everyone in any possible different scenario. About whatever topic.

Being versatile and adaptable. You could actually be comfortable dating Harry the British prince, or singing along with some stranger met in a Parkway night.

Size opportunities but mainly.. create your own opportunities.

Leaving your comfort zone where you known everything and everyone since the first grade at school for a new life you know nothing about. Like a box you have no idea what’s the content.

Growing far from your family. Try to recreate your nest, or something closest that safe, cosy environment that makes you feel home.

Buying the same things from ikea over and over again.

Wondering what your parents do and miss them, with their qualities and imperfections. Sister: what is she up to? what trend is she following now? is she still crazy about elephants? Dad: with his “missed calls” which means “I am thinking about you”. He probably has never called me as much as now. I miss you too dad, a lot. Mom: the one that manages to be part of your daily life even with 6.600km distance and 6 hours of jet leg. Just mom I guess.

This mix of feelings, this inner spirit of adventure drive you and keep your motivation alive.


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