The power of a business trip

and I am talking about those team business trip. When you leave in pair: with your boss, your colleague, people chosen randomly from other departments…

You are asked to stay with someone for an entire week, two weeks sometimes, with people that apparently have nothing in common with you, more than the name of the company you work for.

Honestly.. that’s scary!

I have a hard time to spend two weeks together with my boyfriend, I didn’t want to imagine what would that be with a stranger… but I was wrong!

No matter the different personalities, the different lives you have.. this time would create a bond between the two of you, a trust-relationship that would be very hard to break.

You jump in each other lives and get to know everything there is behind her/him. You get to know their downs, their habits and everything they make them special.

  • the crazy rule that he has, that people can only walk on his right side, the insane attention to details and the love for your same kind of music;
  • her endless patience and self control in every situation, her intelligence, and the fact that she will always be there for you;
  • her different approach when she doesn’t feel judged, her stories of shameless night singing at karaoke and that humor and smile that can cheer you up like no other;
  • her stories about who did she sleep with last night and how many guys she is flirting with;
  • his big move of always keeping a wine bottle in the trunk…it can save any date.

You realize that as soon as you get in that company car, ready to leave for the trip…your relationship with this person will change, will jump steps and steps forward!

You become friends!

Those friends that they end up knowing you so well that you believe you know them since..forever!