Daydreaming – Back on The Canadian

This is one of those trips where you don’t know what to expect.

One of those trips where you leave alone overexcited and with 20 books downloaded on your kindle for 3 weeks, just in case  (but you maybe manage to read 2).

One of those trips for which you know nothing about but what matters is going.

But it is one amazing experience!

Be uncomfortable on the train sit that for days becomes part of you. You sleep, read, write and sometimes even eat there.


Meet complete strangers and share our stories. From the young guy who’s only visiting his relatives to the group of European travellers who’s on the way to explore the world.

Feel the intensity of the music played by that guitarist that has so much to tell and that my dad would fall in love with.


End up in the mountains, where the water of the lakes is freezing cold, and the nature is so stunning that you don’t want to go back to your reality.


Get lost once, twice, so many times that the day passes by so quickly but you don’t care. You want to be there and the beauty is to enjoy every special spot you discover.



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