I don’t think I have ever felt this way before.

The life I have doesn’t challenge me anymore, but it became repetitive and quite boring.

I am losing my spark of happiness, that spark that drives me toward any new adventure, that makes me love everything and everyone around me and that motivates me everyday.

It’s time to take a decision. A tough one:

Shall I keep going with this life for one more year (even though I feel I al loosing my real self) and see what happens next?


Shall I just quit the Job position I have and and start fresh? Maybe to pursue an MBA?

Most people i told my idea too think I am reckless. Why giving up your career for nothing? to come back to school? what do you need it for?

Honestly, I don’t even know if I would get accepted yet, maybe I would have to wait one more year before I could start the classes but… I could always use that extra time in between to do so much.

I would have time to travel, to write, to lean something new. I could finally dedicate my time to do something I love.

In the other hand, leaving the company would be hard. Not for the job itself or for the fear of finding something new, but for the friendships, the family I work with everyday.

I am afraid not to find another working-family like this. I am afraid that they will be disappointed. I am afraid to lose them. Even though I think that the relationship built so far goes beyond the company we work for and it would not break for so little.

Despite my doubts and fears, I believe the decision is taken already, I only have to be strong and carry it on, no matter who or what.


Quote: <<Work to live, not the other way around>>


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